Welcome to LBW Group, your elite gateway to the world of luxury beauty supplies. At LBW Group, we are dedicated to providing an exclusive, meticulously selected assortment of high-quality beauty products available only to our members. To enjoy our exceptional product range, competitive pricing, and tailored services, we encourage prospective clients to join our closed members club. Becoming a paying member not only allows you to view our detailed product pricing but also gives you the opportunity to place orders and access personalized services designed to meet your unique needs.

By joining LBW Group, you will be part of a discerning community that values quality and exclusivity. Membership ensures that you are the first to receive updates on the latest trends and products in the luxury beauty market, along with special member-only offers. Elevate your beauty regime by becoming a member of LBW Group today, and indulge in the luxury and convenience of having the finest beauty products at your fingertips.



At LBW Group, we ensure a smooth and beneficial start for all our new members through a comprehensive onboarding process. Upon joining, you will be introduced to your dedicated Sales Account Manager who will be your primary point of contact and guide throughout your membership.

You'll also gain access to your personalized Membership Dashboard, an intuitive interface where you can easily manage your activities, view orders, and access exclusive content, such as product imagery and merchandising data.

Additionally, we provide a detailed introduction to our diverse range of brands, helping you familiarize yourself with the products and services that can best meet your business needs. This onboarding experience is designed to maximize the benefits of your membership, helping you leverage all the features and opportunities that LBW Group offers.



As a valued member of LBW Group, you will benefit from exclusive access to your dedicated Member Dashboard, a secure portal designed to enhance your purchasing experience.

This personalized account area provides comprehensive access to our extensive portfolio of over 144 premium beauty brands along with their respective price sheets. Whether you're seeking a reliable and stable supply of full brand ranges or looking for ultra-competitive pricing through our Daily Deals on beauty parcel inventory, our dashboard has you covered.

The ordering process is streamlined for efficiency; simply submit your product selections using the provided Excel sheets directly to your dedicated Sales Account Manager. Your manager will handle all internal approvals and liaise with our brand partners to ensure your orders are processed swiftly and accurately, readying your business for success with minimal lead times.



New client members of LBW Group will greatly benefit from our robust logistics capabilities, ensuring efficient global delivery. Through our partnerships with esteemed logistics providers like DHL Global and Amazon Freight, we offer flexible shipping options including DAP, CIF, and EXW Incoterms, allowing us to cater to various shipping preferences and requirements.

With six strategically placed warehouses in key global locations—Dubai, Florida, New York, Netherlands, England, and Hong Kong—we streamline warehousing and distribution processes, making logistics smoother and more accessible for our clients.

Additionally, we support our members with a dedicated online ticket and email support system, ensuring prompt and efficient responses to any queries or questions, thus enhancing your overall experience with LBW Group.

With LBW Group, you can trust that your products will be where you need them, when you need them, with streamlined and reliable support every step of the way.


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