Shipping Policy

UK Customer Freight

Delivery Charges

We offer a free delivery service within the UK for the MOQ which is £5,000 excluding VAT.


Tail lift £35.00 per pallet
All deliverers are booked in, please provide information with your order.

Shipping Specifics

Please advise at the start of your order if you require any of the below:

Certificates of origin
Certificates of Free Sale
Pallet Height
Pallet Wrapping - Transparent or black
Pallet Type
Max Weight
Heat Treated
Tariff Codes
Commodity Codes
Expiry Dates
Health Certificates and Safety Data Sheets
Letter of Authentication / Origin
Duty Rates

EU Customer Freight

LBW Group are happy to obtain a road freight quote for you.
An order will need to be placed in order for us to do this (as we will need to know the weight of goods and pallet count etc).

You will also need to provide us with the below information:

• Delivery Address
• If you require the goods to be insured
• LBW Group do not provide Customs Clearance. Please speak to your sales representative
• If there are any special requirements with the delivery i.e., is a small vehicle is needed to access the delivery address...
• EORI number
Our incoterms used for delivery are:
Incoterms used for collection are as follows:

If you are arranging collection, please provide your sales representative with a contact email address and contact number of your freight company.

Please make your sales representative aware of any special requirements when placing your order (i.e., Pallet height, pallet wrapping, Labelling, Certs, expiry dates etc). Charges may apply.

International Freight

LBW Group can book a container using our trusted freight forwarders. Please speak to your sales representative for our latest rates.

We provide the below specifications:

  • 40 FT HC - 38 Pallets - Max Weight 24,0000 KG
  • 20 FT - 17 Pallets - Max Weight 24,0000 KG
  • 40FT Reefers - 35 pallets - Max Weight 24,0000 KG

We ship on the following terms Door to Port.

All containers are loaded from our warehouse and delivered to port. LBW Group are not responsible for any charges once the container has reached port.

It is the responsibility of the customer to get the container from port to final destination.

Our incoterms are as follows:

CFR – cost and freight

CIF – cost, freight, and insurance

Your Bill of lading will be sent to you once full payment has been received.

If you have any special requirements, please make your sales representative aware when placing your order.


At LBW Group, we are committed to providing top-tier services to our valued customers. To ensure the efficient management of our logistics operations and to continue offering the highest quality products, we have implemented a storage fee policy for orders that are not collected within the stipulated time frame.


LBW Group will send out a notification to the customer when their order is ready for collection. This notification will include consignment details, collection details and the stipulated time frame for collection and information about the storage fee policy.

Storage Time Frame

Orders are to be collected within 72 hours of the date of the consignment release/collection notification that they are ready for collection. This time frame allows for reasonable accommodation for our customers while enabling us to manage our storage facilities efficiently.

Storage Fee

In cases where orders are not collected after LBW Group has confirmed collection from our warehouse is available, LBW Group reserves the right to charge a storage fee. The storage fee will be calculated based on the volume and duration of storage required. The fees will be as follows:

  • Initial grace period: After receiving notification of the collection details, customer will have 72 hours to collect their order without incurring storage fees.
  • First Tier Penalty: If your order remains uncollected after the first 72 hours, a penalty fee of £25.00 per day will be charged for up to 5 days.
  • Second Tier Penalty: After 5 days of no collection, the penalty will increase to £50.00 per day until the order has been collected.

Payment and Release of goods

Storage fees, if applicable, must be paid in full prior to the release of the order. All storage fees will be billed to the recipient and should be settled within 0 days from the date of the invoice. Once the storage fee has been paid, LBW Group will promptly release the order for collection.

This policy is subject to periodic review and may be revised as necessary to align with the evolving needs of our customers and our logistics operations. For any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service team.